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A luxury Villa in English Harbour, Antigua

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English Harbour Rentals and property management

Antigua Information

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Is there a website for finding flights to Antigua?

We find that Skyscanner is a good way of finding flights, There is a link available above this or is the address


What timezone is Antigua on?

GMT -4


What is the currency in Antigua?

Antigua uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) but also accepts the US Dollar (US$).  The EC$ is fixed to the US$ at a rate of 2.67 EC$ = 1 US$.  If you pay in US$ you will get change in EC$ generally.


What are the approximate shopping hours in Antigua?

Monday through Saturday 0800 - Noon then 1300 - 1700, Some larger supermarkets will open on Sundays.


What side of the road does Antigua drive on?

The left (same as UK)


Is there a tipping culture in Antigua?

It is recommended to tip (if you feel the service is worth it) around 10-15%. Some restaurants add a 10% gratuity.  Check this before you tip. Give Bellhops and Porters 50c - 1$ per bag, taxi drivers 10-15% of the fare.


What electricity system is used in Antigua?

The system is primarily the US 110v system but 220v is available in some locations.  Villa Sariel has 110v US sockets and 220v UK style sockets for your convenience. 


What do I require for arrivals/immigration?

Proof of citizenship via a valid passport.  It is recommended however, that you check with your own Foreign Office or the Antigua Embassy before arrival.  Immigration cards are issued on the plane prior to arrival in Antigua.  Ensure you fill in both sides and the departure details section.  Some nations may have special requirements.


How safe is Antigua?

Antigua is relatively crime free due to the close knit community, however, it is recommended to exercise normal sensible precautions, IE lock all doors when leaving your property or retiring for the night,  Do not leave valuables on show in your cars or homes. Etc 


How long does it take from the airport to Villa Sariel?

About 20-25 minutes


When is the best time to visit the Island?

Antigua has a warm climate year round.  The high season is between December and May and all the local amenities and restaurants will be open and busy during this period and the harbour will be full of super yachts.  English harbour quietens down a lot after May as all the Boats head to the USA or the Med. A lot of the restaurants are staying open in the off season these days and you tend to find a lot more of the people who live here going out and having fun while the tourists and boat crews/guests are away.  The summer also plays host to the famous Antigua Carnival.


Should we rent a car?

If you wish to explore the Island then we recommend renting a car fromTITI Renta car in English Harbour ( if you wish to remain in the English Harbour area then it is not necessary as all amenities are within easy walking distance from Villa Sariel.


Should we bring towels or linen?

You may if you wish but Villa Sariel provides towels for the pool/beach and for your rooms.  All bedding is provided.


Does the villa have a maid service?

Yes, This service is provided from Mon - Fri inclusive.  The maid will be in for 3 hours per day.


Are children welcome in the villa?

Absolutely yes!


Can we bring pets to the villa?

Yes.  As animal lovers this isn't a problem.


What entertainment does the Villa have?

The villa has Cable TV, Free WIFI, A music system with both inside and outside speakers, an extensive library, a Bar Billiard table and of course the large pool and jacuzzi.


Does the Villa have a concierge service?

Yes, At a rate of 35 US$ per hour the Villa managers and their vehicle are at your disposal.


Can I request that the villa be prestocked with food/supplies/provisions?

Yes, Concierge fees will apply however. Contact the managers on


Does the villa provide toilet rolls/bug spray etc?

Yes, the villa provides complimentary Room bug spray, all toilet/kitchen rolls, washing up liquid, laundry detergent, dishwasher liquid/tabs, soap/shampoo, and all cleaning products.


Are Mosquitos a problem?

Being in the Tropics, Antigua does have mosquitos, however with precautions the risk of getting bitten can be negated.  We recommend using Avon Skin so Soft or "OFF" for prevention and if you do get bitten, Anti Histamine tablets and anti itch cream quickly relieve the desire to scratch.  Pre treating your rooms with "BOP" 30 minutes before retiring will negate the risk too.


Does the Villa have Laundry facilities?

Yes, A washer and dryer are available for your use. 


Is the Villa treated for bugs regularly?

Yes, Tropical countries have bugs, it is part of life. however, we treat the property professionally every 3 months. 


What are the arrival and departure times for Villa Sariel?

Generally guests should vacate the villa by 1100.  If circumstances allow the management may grant an extension to this time.

Arrivals should be no earlier than 1500, unless by prior arrangement